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Finishing the Book

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Finishing is the art of embellishing the covers of books with different designs. Finishing comprises the embellishment of the covers either with blind work, gold, silver or platina leaf, or with metal ornaments fastened through the boards, or by only a lettering on the back of the book.

Thought of as the most common decorative technique at one time, Kranz Books Bindery offers a beautifully antique aesthetic to the book by making a dark impression on dampened leather with our heated brass finishing tools. With over 30 years of fine art, design, and bookbinding experience, our bookbinder, Edward Patrick Ezju Kranz creates a wonderful and sometimes complex design for his discerning clients.

Becoming the preferred finishing technique across Europe in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, gold-tooled designs were combined with blind tooling or filled the entire cover. Kranz Books Bindery offers these timeless influences to both minimalist and wondrously complex designs on their covers.

When most think of a fine book they envision gold gilt on the edges. With a finely trimmed and smooth textblock edge, Kranz Books Bindery can offer the aforementioned gold gilt. They also love other historical techniques to add grandeur and avant-garde mystique to your heirloom quality books. In addition to gold gilt, we offer these decorative possibilities: titled on fore-edge, dyed solid, sprinkled, marbled, paste-painted, gilt, and gauffered edges. Options also include combinations of the listed possibilities.

A Curated Selection of Book Finihings

As new gold gilding and edge decoration projects pass through the Kranz Books Bindery, we will be sure to take professional pictures to populate this section. Be patient. Check back often.

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