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Protective Book Enclosures

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Protect & Prolong the Life Of Your Books!

One of the simplest, most direct, and non-invasive methods to conserve your books and other paper collectibles is to give them a protective enclosure to limit exposure to the damaging effects of the sun, dust, and handling. Kranz Books Bindery offers a variety of custom tailor fit clamshells, folios, and slipcases with protective slide sheaths.

Solander boxes, a drop-spin box, otherwise referred to as clamshell cases, are this conservator’s preferred method of storing books, manuscripts, maps, prints, documents, etc. Kranz Books Bindery offers standard sized Solander boxes as well as custom-fit cases to protect your precious fragile items against harmful light, dirt, and wear. Our Solander boxes come in leather, cloth, paper or a combination of the three.

A low cost and shelf space conserving alternative to a drop-spin box is the utilization of cardstock wrappers. Kranz Books Bindery custom makes enclosures of 10- or 20- point lignin-free card stock. Our wrappers are four-flap enclosures and offer adequate protection for books less than ½ inch thick. We do not recommend wrappers for thicker books because they are easily pushed out of alignment, and the corners tend to gape, allowing light and dust to enter the enclosure.

While Solander boxes are recommended, Kranz Books Bindery also offers our custom-made signature slip case with protective sheath. The slip case itself protects your book edges from soiling and bumping, general wear and tear as well as the elements. The sheath adds an additional layer of protection to your book while it is being slid in and out of the slip case. As with the Solander boxes, our slip cases can be crafted with leather, cloth, paper, or any combination of the three for an artistic aesthetic for your collectable.

A Curated Selection of Conservation Enclosures

Here are some hand picked pictures from our leather bound book portfolio. A glimps into the contemporary and historical skills and creativity available at Kranz Books Bindery.

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