Tradition. Dedication. Research.

The Kranz Books Bindery is a family-owned and operated, full-service, traditional book bindery located in Erie, Pennsylvania with its roots in the Pacific Northwest.


To do what is right for the book.


Kranz Books Bindery is creating a world wide community of bookbinders, book artists, conservators, paper artists, printers, collectors and sellers, including all-around book enthusiasts to share information, processes, techniques, as well as tips and tricks of the trade.


Integrity: Doing what is best for the book even when noone is watching. Need to write more Values such as Tradition and Research.

In addition to bespoke and retail hand-made journals, heirloom photo albums, professional portfolio cases, presentation folios, and music composition books, Kranz Books Bindery offers a wide range of conservation and restoration services such as clamshell & single tray conservation boxes, rebacking, paper repair, and much more.

Relationships are our advantages

The bookbinders at Kranz Books Bindery work closely with private collectors and book sellers on conservation and restoration efforts. Doing what is right for the book is always paramount and conservation is stressed over restoration in some cases.

Book Arts Community

A strong book arts community without limitations imposed by boarders; actively sharing information and comradery is the best way to keep the book arts alive in an ever increasingly modern world.

Engage In Social Conversations

The bookbinders at Kranz Books Bindery have created a Patreon community to foster global communication, information sharing, and collaboration on all book related arts.

Knowledge Sharing & Teaching

Passing the torch to the next generation of bookbinders and conservators is always on our minds. Making techniques, processes, and tribal knowledge available to the student ensures the continuity of the book arts.

Our Process

Traditional conservation, restoration, and book bindings. Needs more...better.

Our Approach

Keeping with the intent of the original binder, we follow a non-intrusive conservation over restoration philosophy.

Our Objective

To provide the best bookbinding and conservation services available in the world!

Our Bookbinders Do The Homework

No one person knows everything about bookbinding and conservation. Communication and information sharing are key, there is no better tool than social research.

We are bookish rockstars

Keeping bookbinding alive and the family involved are two of our most important missions. All other aspects of what we do stem from those two key aspects of our daily life!

Edward Patrick "Ezju" Kranz

Bookbinder | Conservator | CEO

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Antonyia Kranz

Bookbinder | CFO

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Tehya Madison

Shop Keeper | Social Media Manager

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Ayden Kranz

Bookbinder's Apprentice

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Bindery Dog

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